Baby Squirrels home taken down and reunited with Mommy squirrel 2 days after all caught on video

I’ve started my backyard makeover and while taking down a dead tree (the one that broke my air conditioner) in the process we demolished a mother squirrels home. Her babies were left in the tree that was taken down. Skip to 2:04 in the tree takedown video. They were in the lower middle section when it came down. She kept coming back to look for them, but I had to bring them inside the house to keep them safe from the supposed storm from yesterday and the night before. I did, however, watch her on camera searching for her babies for hours while I was at work. Finally, this morning she came back and rescued her babies. The love of a mother is powerful. These babies had so much human scent on and around them and she still didn’t care. In the third and fourth video is mommy squirrel rescuing her babies. I thought about adding some National Geographic commentary, but I thought “I’ll keep that foolery to my kids and myself”. LOL

The videos are to big to add here so I am sharing a link to my google videos/photos