Baby Cam - 1 year old busted partying with midnight snack

Just before this end clip, she was standing up and moving around. She called for dada a few times. As soon as I get on the microphone you see her start laying back down like a good baby like she knows she is supposed to :rofl: Just making sure dad’s paying attention (I was working). :slight_smile:

These work pretty well as baby cams, especially if you have cam plus on it…then I can set the AI to detect crying and sound and record all movement and sound and then I can just sort all videos by sound to see how well she slept, or how much she actually slept, either at night or for naps and easily know about what to expect for when she’s going to need to go to sleep next (how much earlier or later based on approximately how much she slept. I just sort it by crying &/or sound and then get a quick overview of when she fell asleep, how many times woke up, and when we got her out of bed. Easy estimate of how well she slept.

I know baby cams or AI is not for everyone, but I like how useful it is for me to keep track of my baby’s sleep patterns and monitor, and get specific alerts, such as when she’s done sleeping and to just call out nicely when she’s ready to get up. Trains her that she doesn’t have to scream and cry and get sad after she wakes up (like some other babies I know who think they have to scream or nobody will ever come get them). These can be useful in helping kids have more stable emotions and not think they need a tantrum to get proper attention (ie: “come get me out of my bed now that I’m done sleeping, since a tantrum is the only way you’ll hear me”…I much prefer the camera letting me know while she’s still happy).


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