AWS S3 down yesterday 10/22

Anyone else have problems viewing events or accessing your Wyze bulb?
Starting yesterday AM and throughout the day I was unable to access my Wyze bulb and was unable to view any recorded events. Livestream of cameras worked fine.
Downdector reported AWS S3 was having problems all day:

Things seem to be returning to normal today.

Was it just me or did anyone else have problems?

Maybe it was localized I didn’t see any problems yesterday

Same here although I did have one wonky event video.

All good on my end.

I heard that there was a DDoS attack on some aws servers.

Well that would explain it.
Odd that Wyze did not mention it, not that they have a way of doing so other than a posting on their own user forum. Maybe I am asking for too much.
Hard to believe I was the only one who was effected. I mean Wyze bulb control was down, and the events page in the app was completely non-functional for most of the day. You would think someone would have noticed.

Didn’t notice any interruptions on my recordings. Neighbor’s cat showed up as usual.