AWS Outage Impacting Multiple Wyze Services - 12/15/21

Hi there. I understand that there is an AWS outage. Is this impacting basic functionality such as turning cameras on. I can’t turn any of my cameras on from my IPHONE, I’ve unplugged and replugged in the cameras, and I deleted and then uploaded the app again. I just want to be sure it’s nothing on my end and the AWS outage impacts the mere act of turning on cameras.

AWS was down for 30 minutes sir. Everything but Wyze has been restored. This leads me (and any reasonable person) to believe that Wyze has an issue recovering from an outage.

AWS was down much longer than 30 minutes


Not according to their own status page, down detector, and another service I use based on EC2 out of US-WEST-2

Useful push alert alert received and good to know it can be done. (Not being sarcastic)


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Looking at the AWS status page is like looking at the Windows resource usage window when you hear your HDD trashing very hard for an hour, and the whole computer has slowed down. You will only see HDD usage at something like 19%.

And someone just posted an image of a push alert saying AWS is impacting their service.

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Spot the difference.


So, this is the cause of all my Wyze outlets to be offline and blinking blue?; All rules not functioning?; Bulbs will not shut off?; Cameras listed as offline in the app but working?, etc., etc., etc.

Remember that last launch of New Shepard?
Amazon solves the problem by launching the offending employee into space.

Not quite “in to space”. Second place is still sorta cool. But…it’s second place.

It appears as though Wyze has designed their system to go through AWS for even basic functions. Why?


Time to find a new hosting company. AWS isn’t going to work. Or need redundancy with a back up backbone.

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True, but they got their wings… I guess the wings program is terminated now… Sigh…

12/15/21 5:24 PM PT - We’ve been told that AWS has still not fully recovered and that the AWS team is continuing to work on it. Thank you for your patience.


I know, right? It’s so unfair.

Yeah, sitting in the dark, we all know….:crazy_face:

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Now we know why Amazon lost the US DOD contract for cloud computing.

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I respect you a great deal Gwendolyn, but I have a hard time believing that AWS is to blame when every other customer in those regions is back online.

Is there any further information you can give?


That’s great… If you sub to that service. Not much help for the bulk of their customers though.

Wyze, maybe you should consider joining the 21st century. I’d love a text alert. Heck, even government agencies do that.