Away mode not turning on

I’ve turned off auto switch and over the last two days , I’ve noticed that away mode is not being turned on

When i leave , I manually change the state to away through the turn dial

I went out and wanted to check up on my t-stat an hour later , only to found out it was still in home mode and cooling my house .

When I remember exactly that I manually switched the state to away before I left my house…?

What do your schedules look like? Was there a scheduled state change during the time you were out?

When you use the dial to change the state, does the app reflect the change also?

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No, My schedule is Sunday - Saturday at 12 am sleep , 8 am home .

I left my house around 12 pm , I checked the t-stat page at 1 pm and it was still in home mode even when I remember manually using the dial to change the state to away before I left

For that one time , I didn’t check my phone as I was in a hurry but when I placed the state to away the display just showed me the temperature for away mode which is 74

But later that day when I got back home I tested this as well, and when I changed the state manually by the dial to home and away right after I changed it by the using the dial , I had the t-stat page open and yes the app updated the page to home and away home . It took about 5 seconds to update but it did .

It seems to be fine now , but a weird occurrence… thanks for the help !

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Yeah. Not sure what could have changed the state back if the dial locked it in and there was no schedule change… Unless it is shared.

I very rarely use the dial. Most of my adjustments are Alexa automated or the app.

Keep an eye on it.

Not shared , not sure what happened . I could’ve sworn that I changed the state to away before I left . Odd behavior

I will definitely keep an eye on it , thanks again for the help slab . :+1:t3:

I wonder if you putting it in Away Mode at the thermostat took it out of Away Mode. There is a possibility it took it out because you were within 3 miles at the time, or because it saw motion at the thermostat. Either way, it would be a bug that should be addressed, like stay in Away Mode for xx minutes before you start thinking about taking it out of that mode automatically?

"With Auto Switch enabled, your Home and Away temperature status will change automatically. Using your phone’s location, along with a 3-mile geofenced range, your thermostat will switch between your Home and Away preferences whenever you enter or leave that range.

Your Wyze Thermostat also has a built in motion sensor. When this sensor detects movement in front of the thermostat while the status is Away, it will automatically switch to Home."

The 3-mile trigger would also require you to turn on location preferences for the app.

I don’t have auto switch enabled

I am having the same issue. i dont have autoswitch enabled. Last two times when i traveled i set to away mode. When i returned from travel thermostat was running in normal home mode. I have schedule (sun to sat) for home and sleep, but i thought setting to away mode through app will override the schedule

How do you set it to away mode during travel

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Do you have a schedule set up?

To check if auto switch is enabled go to the device settings and scroll down to auto switch

This is geo fencing , make sure that your location is enabled on the wyze app so that when you leave your saved home address it will automatically set the thermostat to away mode

Yes. I have a schedule. Autoswitch turned off, as i dont want to wyze to determine based on my phone location. My schedule is sat to sun, home 830am ,sleep 10pm

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In order to override set schedules for an extended period, the thermostat must be placed into the state you want to hold it in, in your case Away, then it needs to be placed on Hold using the bottom control bar.

Placing it on hold pauses all schedules until you pull the hold.

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