I have a swimming pool that is owned by 13 families. I want to be alerted if someone jumps the wall to get into the pool area without opening the gate.

My fist thought is to disable motion sensors when gate is opened. Than have a button the member pushes to activate the motion sensors. Is this even possible?

It’s possible, though a little complicated. But you would be reliant on someone remembering to do something. Most of them won’t.

You say motion sensor, so are you talking about the Wyze sense motion sensors? And just temporarily turning off the notifications from them?

If you’re having it turn off when the gate opens, does that mean you have a contact sensor on the gate? Are you using outdoor cases for them? Are they exposed to weather?

Are you using cameras at all? If so, are you wanting the cameras to turn on/off or just the notifications or what?

I have used contact sensors as a sort of “light switch”…I just bought a switch bracket for them like this:

Then someone can flip the switch as they leave to re-enable the notifications. And if they forget, you could always have a setting to automatically turn them back on at certain times of day.

I have all the devices and I am open to any aditional purchases. Just not sure about the limitations in creating if than scenarios.

There are options, none of which are native Wyze. IFTTT can do some of what you want, as can Home Assistant. YoLink has motion and contact sensors and the rules/automation settings allow some dependence on multiple devices either being triggered or not. Plus YoLink sensors have a range of about 1/4 mile which might be useful depending upon the distance to the pool.

Thanks WildBill, I supply the pool with internet and its about 300 feet from my house.