Automatic video storage to another device?

Not sure if this would work for automatically storing Wyze cam video to a computer or not. If you can get it to work, you would need to program your computer drive to begin overwriting after X amount of video is stored.

Toshiba FlashAir W-04 32 GB SDHC Class 10 Memory Card

LANMU Micro SD to SD Card Extension Cable Adapter Flexible Extender SD/RS-MMC/SDHC/MMC for Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer/Anet A8 3D Printer/Raspberry Pi/GPS/TV

Been written about for months, do a search on Toshiba FlashAir

I did a search on the wyze forums for Toshiba FlashAir, but didn’t find an answer to the question. I got 4 hits (one of which is this thread so guess I shouldn’t count as a helpful hit.). I didn’t see anyone who said they tried to do this with Wyze. Did I miss the answer? If so, can you point me to the link?

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I agree, I searched too and couldn’t find anyone saying they have actually tried it and whether or not it works.

That’s my point, it’s been discussed.
As far as the SD card extenders go I’ve three and they seem to work so far. And I’ve recommended them to many.

Again we still have no confirmation that it’s been tried, that was mark55’s and my point.

We are not asking if you or any “early adopters” to sacrifice your “time” to “try something.” We are merely asking if anyone has confirmed it works or not and that’s why there is a question mark on the title of this thread. There is no reason for you to be offended/defensive about people inquiring if something has been confirmed as tried or not. Such negativity in the forum doesn’t encourage a warm, welcoming community that helps drive Wyze’s growth.

I wasn’t “offended/defensive”. I was just pointing out that it had been discussed and nothing was reported about success/failure,
And I did not see anywhere in your original post asking if it had been tried.

As noted such devices have been considered before, including by myself here Wifi SD card or adapter. I guess we’re all waiting for someone to take the plunge and post their results. So every few days or weeks we’ll see another inquiry about it until someone lets us know if it worked for them.

If you were not “offended/defensive,” then why make such a comment and why did you edit your reply to remove that part after you were called on it?

“Many of us early adopters have enough things going on that we don’t have time to just try something” - gemniii

Again, such negativity in the forum doesn’t encourage a warm, welcoming community that helps drive Wyze’s growth.

And asking a question as to the viability of an idea and whether or not it has been tried is totally allowed here.

Yes, but it would be nice if they would do a search and combine with other threads.