Automatic renewal

Am I the only cam plus member that is displeased with the mandatory automatic payment method to have a cam plus subscription? I like to pay my bills personally, versus letting someone else free access to my cash. I believe I pay for the service and I receive it, if I don’t pay, they cancel it, but wyze believes differently. I like the cam plus, don’t care much for this policy of theirs.

Are you kidding me over such a small issue,we have over 100 bill pay each month and our credit card/debt card is stored there,we have never had an issue,and if you do.the bank has you covered

Please be kind to the fellow users, this may not be a big issue for some, but for some it is. I prefer to not have things renew on their own either I like to control when the money is taken out and not have someone else in control of that. If someone is on a fixed or low income it could create a lot of issues if it is taken out at the wrong time.


I definitely understand where you’re coming from, and feel/have felt the same. But I have quite a few subscription services now. They’ve just become unavoidable these days. Subscription service is the big popular new revenue model, especially for startups. Like our streaming services are all subscription and since we cut legacy cable out we just had to accept it. One thing I did to feel a little more in control is I created a category on our credit card called ‘subscriptions’ (we use the same card for subscriptions) and I categorize them there so I can review them all at a glance.

I guess I’m not really saying anything except it gets, well, less uncomfortable is the best way to put it.

Sorry, not making a big issue, just pointed out as another post said, I am on a fixed income and when my payments come out is important, just saying that A lot of companies give you the option of autopay, I prefer to pay on my own. I agree the bank has you covered, but when an autopay comes out and the funds aren’t at the bank yet, now you have to take time to sort it out. For those on fixed income can cause a lot of headaches, just would like to be able to opt in or out of the auto pay.

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You have choices here, take the service as offered, or don’t… I dislike autopay as well, but use it. Why? Because there are legitimate reasons a company wants autopay:

  1. The cut taken out can be smaller,
  2. The renewal rate is higher.
  3. The workload is less.
  4. It allows better predictions for income, which all companies need.

To name only a few.

By all means, exercise your choices, either take it, or don’t. If you are worried about when the money is taken out, ask Wyze when, and mark it on your calendar. I see no real downside to this for billing, and, I can always back out if I don’t like it.