Automatic Event Play

Automatic Event Playing / Events Feed
I often use live view of a group of cameras to keep track of an area (while working on something else). For example, a delivery is coming towards the building and needs to be let in / signed for, or someone has wandered into reception, or is wandering interior halls.
Person detection, etc., just hasn’t been reliable enough to trust notifications alone.
The current approaches use a fair amount of bandwidth, see a lot of crashes, and are insufficient with large numbers of cameras (having to flip between pages).

It would be better if there was a mode (like group view) where events would be played as they come in. Perhaps with some sort of priority system if more than 4 events are happening at a time. i.e. higher priority cameras get to override lower priority event feeds.

At the end of an event (if there isn’t some other event happening) it would be good if it allowed for replaying that event.