Automate camera on/off by day problems

When setting a camera on/off shortcut with a different schedule for M-F than for S/S, the iPhone app won’t allow me to select only M-F. It self selects either Sun or Sat in addition to M-F even though I didn’t select Sun or Sat. One the iPad version of the app, I am able to select only weekdays. I think this is somehow related to the fact that on the iPhone app, you cannot see all 7 days at a time and doesn’t;t read your selections right. On the iPad, you can see all 7 days and select accordingly. David

Mine works okay, but I’m on a large 7-plus iPhone. I suspect you’re on a smaller one. Could you please submit a support ticket on this to make sure the devs are aware? Click the Help & Feedback link in the Account screen of the app.

I subsequently discovered that I could make the correct selections on my iPad version of the app (larger screen) and it would update the iPhone setting correctly. If I go back to the iPhone and make a change it screws up again. I sent all this to Wyze directly with a ticket.



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Yes, since the settings are stored server-side, if you can get the correct change made somewhere, it will stick everywhere.

Thanks for submitting the ticket. I think this has been mentioned before, but I couldn’t find it again when I searched.