Auto Switch to Camera With Motion

Would like to see a view in app that automatically switches to camera that has motion. Right now, I can see 4 cameras at a time, but with this feature, I would add more cameras and any of them that had motion would pop up on my screen. Would be great for security! I leave an ipad running all the time with my cameras up. Love your products, thanks!

TinyCam (which supports Wyze cameras either natively or in RTSP mode) has a somewhat similar feature.

Wake up on motion (background mode)

Switch on device screen temporarily and show camera live view when motion detected.

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@Customer is right about TinyCam. The only downsides to it I’ve found, and I just started with it, are that you need the Pro version($3.99 and worth it!) and it only runs under Android. I see you are IOS- but it might be worth checking out for your needs.

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However I also voted here because I think it’s a good feature for Wyze or any NVR to have.