Auto power cycle when disconnected

I sometimes have an issue with my home network adapter where it disconnects from my ISP. The best way to fix this issue is to simply power cycle the router. The router is in the basement so it can be annoying to run down and reset it. I thought about putting a Wyze plug on it to make it easier but when the problem happens, the internet is down so there’s no connectivity to the switch.

I would love to see a rule or an option in settings where if the plug is disconnected from the network it turns off for one minute then turns back on.

This would be great, and you should add it to the #wishlist! Any day now a firmware that should fix the issue of cams disconnecting when the WiFi goes down will release, so hopefully that eliminates the need for this.


We can offer you a solution today. And cost you only about $11 on Amazon. I use them. they will do this.

Its a Sonoff S31 smart plug. Their firmware (properties you access via the app), have a feature called Power-on State. This feature has three settings for when its plugged back in or power is restored. That’s off, on, or last state.

This position “on, or last state” in your case is stored locally in the plug. It does not need the Internet to perform.

But there’s another feature you use as well. Schedule. Under schedule, you tell it when to turn itself off, and when to turn itself back on. Again, stored locally in the plug.

So, for your router what do you do? First set it up on your network. Then then using the same setup app, eWelink, go into the properties/settings and:

  1. turn on Power-on State to On.
  2. create a schedule the activate it when you are ready.
    Example" Time is 8:00 and I want now to turn the router off and back on.
    In schedule set time for OFF at (hmm, say) 08:02 and ON as 08:04. Simply nice round numbers. Then activate it with the slider buton to “On”, and step out of that screen. You can setup multiple schedules for OFF and ON, and simply not turn them on. Bu they are ready and you press the slider button on each OFF and ON so it does it. Be aware the slider button sets it to do the same thing the next day at same time unless you turn them off.

Simple and effective.

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The power on default is definitely a feature the Wyze plug needs, but doesn’t have. The local schedules are though. You can setup your Wyze plug like an old timer, that will run completely offline like you mentioned.

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