Australian compatibility?

Hi folks,

I am thinking of buying Wyze cams here in the USA for use in Australia. They would be connected to and monitored by a cell phone in Australia, but I would also like the ability to connect my US iPhone to that account to monitor activity.

Is this possible? Is there anything preventing me from doing this (voltage, internet connection, diff in internet speed, etc_? I’m making up all these possible variables as I have no idea what could be a factor?

Any help appreciated!

Traveling back to Aust soon so just bringing this to the top. Thanks!

No problem at all. The app can be installed on any number of devices in any Country.
The USB charger is like most, 110v/220v.

Australian Postcodes are not supported in the App resulting in being unable to register my “Home”. Any solutions available for this?

What are you registering your home for?

Apparently, we have to “Create a home for devices to unlock new features”. I.e. Home monitoring service, enabling location-triggered rules and enable sunset and sunrise triggers. The Australian ‘Zip code’ is not accepted when trying to register the Address and Location - message at top of page states: Only US address will be verified.

I had never seen that before.

I added a fake US address but see any additional rules options.

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You can use IFTTT for location based triggers and 90210 as a random US zip code if needed. Wyze doesn’t have built in location based triggers but may be working on some for their Home Monitoring Service.

Don’t count on HMS being available outside the US anytime soon.

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