Audio playback device for sense hub

I did try to see if someone’s already posted this didn’t see it, apologies if I missed it.

I would like to have a simple audio playing device using common formats like mp3, wav, etc. that could function in a couple of ways. 1-Record an audio message that could be triggered when the front door opens or a motion sensor detects someone etc. (Hey honey I had to run to walmart back by five pm) . 2-Be used to record audio files that could be set to trigger with a rule on one of the sensor hub devices, for instance the front door opens and the Benny Hill theme plays. This device could either use built in memory (shouldn’t need a whole lot, 64 should be plenty) or a sd card, it would need to have the ability to connect to a wifi speaker for the playback or maybe connect to the google home/alexa which already includes speakers on everything that would work too. My goal is the ability to setup a sound/light show when a sense hub device like the front door triggers. Imagine some jerk opens your front door to be greeted with loud unexpected noises and a light show might be enough to convince them to leave. I’ve seen a couple of posts people wanting sirens etc. this would also fulfill that roll just find a siren audio file to load on it.

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