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Description: Would like to transmit audio from Ellsworth, Maine and receive it here in Florida. Doing it now with a camera using the internal microphone. Very clunky. Back ground noise.
Like a camera without video. Audio only. You have everything you need to do this. A small box with audio in ( like a ear piece audio) the network to broadcast it to WIFI. A receiver down in Florida to receive that audio. Broadcastify has it now, But it is open to everyone. (not private)
It is a Two Way radio, receiving police and fire traffic only and pick it up hear in Florida.

So you’re basically looking for an IOT microphone or 2-way audio?

No. Like a radio or scanner in Maine with an external speaker to hear in Florida.
A lot of wire. 1800 miles

Would the TX end be a microphone listening to a separate airgapped audio source or a tunable receiver (Internet broadcast, airwave, etc.) or both?

Ear phone out.

We’re attempting to understand your requirements for the transmit end. Your 1st post indicates that you’re receiving audio from Maine and wish to transmit that audio to Florida. How do you envision the transmit end (TX) receiving the audio? Built-in tunable receiver (Internet broadcast, airwave, etc.)? Built-in microphone listening to a separate audio source like a scanner?

If I broadcast the audio from Maine by way of wiFI I will most likely have to receive it by WiFI here in Florida. Like I do already for many cameras there. On my phone. That will get me started.

There are so many free police/fire/broadcast scanner apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, why reinvent the wheel? Why not simply monitor any source around the world via a free app on your phone, tablet or computer?

Still trying to understand exactly what unique product you wish Wyze to develop.

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Because it’s not receiving what I want to hear. I use those apps also. I want it to be private. Like camera apps.

Why not use your scanner to provide a feed to say Broadcastify? Your feed would get into their platform so you and anyone else could listen using their tools and apps? The perks would be that they handle the back end, providing the outbound feed, recording and retaining audio for recall later and then you get perks within their community for providing the feed

I used to record public safety audio on my computer using sdr dongles and stuff so I have knowledge in this area. What area or service are you trying to listen to? I can try and see if I can find a feed

If you don’t want it public (as a Broadcastify feed would be), there are streaming packages available either for a PC or a Raspberry Pi. I have streamed from a radio or scanner on both a PC and a RasPi.

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So back to square one… you basically want a device that has a microphone (no camera) that can send ambient sound over the Internet to a receiving end that can hear the audio and possibly also have an earphone jack?

Or a device that can take a audio source like a line out/mic out and transmit that over the internet and a receiver of some sort to play the audio.

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Here is a cool web site. Probably not exactly what the OP is looking for, but it is somewhat on topic. Put in the fire departments you are interested in and PulsePoint will show you the incidents of that agency.

I think he’s looking for the equivalent to an Internet radio, but private comm and he generates/controls the audio source. Basically a bridge between audio source/radio and Internet.

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NO Pulsepoint in Maine.