Audio dropouts on recordeings

Is it normal for the audio to drop out for about 10 seconds at the end of each minute when viewing recordings. This is a consistent problem on all of my cameras.


Absolutely not, how are we supposed to reliably report what happened, outside of this huge glaring defect the cameras are good

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What class cards did you get?

The audio isn’t synced up but I’m not sure if it should be that far. Are you viewing through the Wyze app or after pulling the files?

I’m having this problem also. It happens when I’m watching the playback through the wise app. The sound drops out for between 5 and 10 seconds at about the 55 second or so mark during every minute. And it is on any recording any day. I am using a SanDisk sd card.

Me too!

There are several audio issues we all hope are resolved soon since @ArthurH was assigned to deal with audio issues. One is when the latest minute is stored to SD card and the next minute is yet to begin. That’s what I think we are seeing here. Hard to say whether that can be corrected, but we haven’t really heard any status updates in awhile.

Hi there. Sorry for the delayed update.

The challenge:
We noticed the SD Card Audio sync issue awhile ago, but our current device log file does not contain the necessary data for troubleshooting. We had to try to reproduce the issue and practically guess for fixes. It is a slow process but we made some good guesses that worked in our test environment.

The update:
We will release a test version firmware with those fixes by this week (ideally), and ask only users with the audio sync issue to try it.
It also adds more data points to log file surrounding the audio sync mechanism, so that if the issue still happens to you, we will better understand it from the new logs.
After the test firmware was proven to work, we will integrate it with the official releases.

Thank you.


Excellent. Thanks for the update! :+1:

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