Audio Delay

I see the audio delay issue with my Cam Pan. There is 7s delay for audio in playback. No one from wyze has responded yet.

I notice the delay in WyzeCam v2 playback.

I noticed the delay on my Cam Pan too. Is there a setting to sync the streams?

It looks like this has been happen for at least nine months to a pretty substantial amount of users but no fix and no comment from Wyze. What gives?

Exact same problem with me. Audio is delayed by 3 seconds (happens on 360p, SD, and HD). Not recording anything either.

Anyone have any solutions?

Wifi signal is strong too.

No solution yet, but I have been in contact with a developer on this. I don’t know if he is working on it though, it was just feedback on various audio issues.

Hello @Nialz, I would open a support ticket through the Wyze app and include logs with the email so it can help the devs figure out the issue.

The solution is that there is no solution. The audio and video use separate channels and they have not been able to sync them up. I returned mine, bought another just to see, but there was no difference. The delay on mine was significant, sometimes as much as 7 seconds. There cameras are great, especially for the cost… Unless you need sound

I’m sorry that the cameras didn’t work out for you, but by any chance were you able to test the cameras on a different wifi network (i.e phone hotspot)?

This is a real bug IMO. There are several unresolved discussions here on this.

There are 4 situations where you can see audio: Live stream, playback, save of playback, and the 12-second cloud clip. In my experience, only the cloud clip is normally in sync, or close to it. I have been able to get a saved playback clip to be in sync (or close to it), but the only way I’ve been able to do that is save the clip several times (regardless of whether or not it is in sync on playback), and then see which of the saves is the closest. It varies.

I’d love to hear if anyone DOESN’T have this issue in any of above 4 situations.

Here is a post I made on the subject with an example. I started this thread last May, and have recently re-verified as recently as 5 days ago with new footage on a 2018 iPad:

No, I did not try using my cell phone WiFi instead of my home router, the thought didn’t even occur to me. However I doubt that would have solved the problem. I’m sure by now with all the other people complaining about the same time you realize there is an issue with the video/sound sync on the camera. The camera itself is very impressive especially at that price point. Unfortunately I needed it for an additional monitor for my medically fragile Son’s room and the sound is just as important as the picture for me. When we saw your camera I was hoping it would work rather than spending hundreds of dollars on a monitor system, but it just doesn’t fit the bill.

Yeah that’s very disappointing that the audio is delayed - we want to use ours as a baby monitor, but now that the audio is delayed (for us about 4 seconds) that could be an issue.

I wonder if there is any way to essentially “slow down” the video, so it can more closely sync with the audio.

We have developer interest in this problem:

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I just noticed when I “Record” a clip from the live feed of my cams the audio is significantly delayed.
It never used to do this.

It’s done that the year I’ve first owned a cam. Cloud clips are in sync – most every other incarnation is not. You can sometimes get a captured version mostly in sync, but the only way I’ve found to do that is luck. Capture it several times and see if one is mostly in sync. They will probably be all over the place, but I often get a usable copy with a little effort (using iOS).

Hope they fix the audio issues soon, they’ve been working on the sound problems awhile.

I am trying to fix the delay and sync up the audio, but the delay is not consistent.
I can get it in sync for the first quater of the video, but by they end, it is way off again.
I know for certain this issue was not present the last time I needed to pull the footage from the cams, a couple months ago.

It’s been on all my cams since I first started buying them a year ago, and I have 7 now. Maybe you got lucky.

There is a timing issue some cams have sometimes where the footage runs at faster-than-normal speed. Maybe the last time it ran at normal speed, and this time it was different.

I know when I try to slow down the faster footage to the slower speed, all I get is unusable audio that sounds like someone talking very slowly (and way out of sync). Never tolerated it long enough to see if the sync got worse, but it probably did!

Was there ever any update on this? I have the same issue with the delays and would love to hear that they are working on it.

So this has been going on for HOW LONG, and NO ONE from Wyze is speaking to it in here?

My v2 cube does it on playback.

The audio quality is not nearly as good as my ReoLink camera either. My delay is close to 10 seconds.

What’s the issue Wyze?

Having ongoing similar sync issues, sometimes 7 sec. Up to 20 sec.delay in audio…