Attaching Wyze camera to quilting machine to monitor stitch quality

My wife is a quilter. She has a Long-Arm Quilting Machine for stitching together the top, batting, and back of quilts up to 10 feet wide.

It can be run manually, but it also has a computer drive mechanism so it can do preprogrammed patterns, doing a strip about 1 foot wide at a time. It’s possible for the thread tension to be incorrect or go out of whack, causing the stitches to be uneven or “looped”, mainly on the bottom side where it can’t be seen easily. In that case one needs to stop it promptly and rip out the ugly stuff.

Since I had previously set up a Wyze camera to monitor my 3D printer from afar, we came up with the idea of having a camera show the bottom view of the quilter, to keep an eye on the stitching quality. But since the quilts can be up to 10 feet wide, a single camera won’t show the whole area. So I’m working on a bracket to mount the camera to the bottom of the mechanism, so it will follow along and show the area just stitched.

Read my blog post at Roger’s 3D Printing & Design for pictures of the bracket (nearly done) and description of the design and 3D printing process.


Good idea, my sister has a couple of automatic knitting machines , might help for her to monitor them


I wish my Wyze V2 cam view was as clear as your photo. :mount_fuji:

Alas, the video image was not clear enough at this distance to be useful.

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Add a lens?