AT&T Cell Booster and Wyze Cams

Today 02/22/22 was the day that AT&T turned off their 3G network. I had been using an AT&T microcell (Cisco DPH154). This afternoon I replaced it with a new AT&T Cell Booster (Nokia SS2FII) provided by AT&T. The installation went well (considering that AT&T was involved).


This evening, I opened the Wyze app on my iPad and NONE of my cameras (v2 and v3) could connect. My first suspicion was Wyze firmware as I had done a mass firmware update last night at bedtime. Uncharacteristically, I didn’t check that they worked after the update.

First I power cycled all the cameras. No improvement.

Then I backleveled the firmware on one of the v2 cameras that I could reach. No improvement.

Then I stopped and restarted my 2.4GHz IoT network. No improvement.

Then I rebooted my router. No improvement.

The rest of my 2.4GHz network seemed to be working fine but I didn’t comprehensively test it. I have Ring Doorbells and Amazon Alexas on it as well.

Hmmm. What else had changed since last night? Ah, ha! The AT&T Cell Booster.

Then I unplugged the power to the AT&T Cell Booster.

All is well. Except my cell coverage.

Does anyone else even have one of these AT&T Cell Booster? Has anyone else experienced this? Anyone have an idea for a workaround?

I have read of some similar things from signal interference with various IOT devices. I am not sure I have really good suggestions, but if it were me, I would try a few things like:

  • Make sure my router and the AT&T booster are fairly far apart from each other and see if that helps in any way.
  • Try to change the router channel to a different channel and see if that helps
  • Temporarily move a camera right next to the Router and see if it connects well.

If anything else comes to mind I will let you know, but those are things I would try off the top of my head. I hope changing the channel the WiFi is using can help in some way. You might also ask AT&T if there is anything in their device that can be slightly changed to see if it can minimize signal interference with your devices as you seem to be experiencing.

Looks like that device uses a wired connection to your router and has no WiFi itself? I wonder why the mobile transmission would interfere.

Hmm, on paper 4G and LTE aren’t supposed to be very close to either the 2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz WiFi bands but I guess radio is radio…

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We use our Wi-Fi calling since its free,no need for cell coverage at home