Are your Wyze cameras trying to access your computer?

I recently asked the support team why the cameras were trying to access my laptop and was told they don’t have that ability. I suspected something was wrong when a clean wyze sd card I installed in the camera started to hold only three days worth of video, so I pulled the card. To my surprise I found several of my music files on the card. I have McAfee Live Safe installed on all the computers and cell phones on my network so I marked all the cameras as intruders. The cameras were not affected in their ability to operate and I started getting warnings that they were trying to access my computers on the network. I was told by support that I have a security issue. I don’t think there is being my McAfee service seems to be working fine. I just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced the same issue. Thanks!

Probably not the issue, but have you checked your Windows configuration to see if any kind of automatic backup is running which might have copied the files to the SD Card?

No I don’t run any automatic backups, all my backups are done manually to a external drive. This also wouldn’t explain why I would be receiving warnings from my McAfee software that one of my Wyze cameras is trying to access my computer. Thanks for the suggestion!

This is one of the warnings I receive

I haven’t used Windows nor McAfee for quite some time but there should be a log file somewhere on the pc that might contain more information as to exactly what the camera was trying to do. You might want to contact McAfee support to see if they would be of any help to get more information on the activity.

If your wireless router or access point has the ability to broadcast more than one SSID (network name), I highly recommend you place all of your WYZE cams and other “Internet of things” on a different network than what your home computer is on. Make sure the new SSID is on a completely different subnet / IP address range.

Also, if I were you I would do a factory reset on all of your cameras and then manually reload the firmware to the current release. If you search the WYZE support pages you will find instructions on how to do both of these items.