Are you proud?

Is this company really proud of these cameras that can’t record more than ONE, TWELVE second clip in the span of 5 minutes? I sure as heck know I wouldn’t be proud of that fact.

The camera itself can record more than one 12-second clip in 5 minutes, but it has been restricted to one every 5 minutes for reasons such as AWS storage costs. I believe a paid subscription that will lift those limits is in the researching phase.

You can also use the motion/contact sensors to trigger event recordings with no cooldown.

I can’t speak for the Wyze team about their feelings toward their product, nor do I feel any pride about a product I had no part in designing, but I do feel impressed by the quality and value of the Wyze Cam v2 and the constant improvements it has been receiving.


All mine record 24/7.


You can set the cameras to record 24/7 by adding an SD card and turning it on in settings. The one recording every 5 minutes is called a cool down period and prevents excessive cloud recording.


Derbini -
Did you spend ANY time researching what you are posting about?
The cameras record 24/7 and can AT THE SAME TIME send 12 second clips to “the cloud” every 5 minutes.
Perhaps if you read before you rant you’ll find out.


I can’t take pride in something I did not design, but as @thequietman44 said, I am very impressed with what they came up with balancing cloud videos and keeping it free. You can also record 24/7 as stated. I am very impressed with what they have done, enough so that I spend my time helping others figure out how to make the most of them and passing the word along about their products. It may not fit what everyone is looking for but as @gemniii said it just takes a little research to determine if it is right for what you want.