Are we ever going to get RoboVac updates in beta

The vacuum has been integrated with Alexa for months. Maybe try a device scan on Alexa?

Nope. You can start and stop cleaning but cant say: “Alexa have the vacuum clean the kitchen, bedroom, or any other rooms” Just a basic default “start and stop”

Dont want to vacuum my whole house every time!

I’ve been a beta tester for 3 months now and not a single robovac NEEDED improvement. Room splitter and center wall splitting is total trash. I have quick mapped my house till I’m blue in the face to get it where the app will allow me to split the rooms 1 by 1. No luck! Other vacuum providers have figured this out. It seems to be a standard yet WYZE cant reach them.
You have promised Alexa integration now for almost since launch and yet still not a single move forward since the announcement date.

I wonder why I became a beta tester where there has been zero to test.

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What version of the app, world, or galaxy do I have to be on for this feature to work? Nowhere in the latest version with an apple or Samsung phone does this show up.

If not a feature how about removing it from your webpage, WAY MISLEADING!

How do I create a virtual wall?



February 05, 2021 18:43

To create a virtual wall:

  1. In the Wyze app, tap on your Wyze Robot Vacuum.
  2. On the bottom right of your map, tap the square edit icon WRV_Virtual_walls.png.
  3. Tap + Add a virtual wall .
  4. Tap and drag the red square to move it, and pinch to resize it.
  5. Tap OK to save your virtual wall.

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Hi @sssanderson.

I think this is now a No-Go Zone.

Here is how it works today;

  1. In the Wyze app, tap on your Wyze Robot Vacuum.

  2. On the bottom right of your map, tap the pencil edit icon

  3. Tap Set no-go zones .

  4. Tap + Add a no-go zone

  5. Tap and drag the red square to move it, and pinch to resize it.

  6. Tap OK to save your no-go zone

Not sure if you were you were needing some assistance with a No-Go Zone on the WRV or just identifying the dated Knowledge Article.

Happy to assist further if I can.


You do understand that there is a difference between a virtual wall and a no-go zone right? A wall divides a room or rooms. A no-go zone is just a place where the vacuum will not go or can not go.

Good try but two different features. Mapping in this app needs to be upgraded to match competitors. Others have great mapping functions, better room splitting skills. Not to mention very barbaric basic Alexa skills for it.

WYZE would rather ignore their most expensive product to date and wants to sell you yet another crowd funded product. Service what you sold WYZE!

I am aware of the difference.

I was providing the details of how the Knowledge article was different than how the feature operated in the app. Where I believe it was originally called a virtual wall then updated to be a “no-go zone” because the no-go zone was different than a true virtual wall.

There is a Virtual Wall wishlist item if you would like to vote on it.


As far as credibility goes @R.Good knows very well what he’s talking about. He has been very very helpful on this forum for quite some time now.

But back to your issue

Click the pencil, then click customize rooms, you can then split the room ( different articulation and method, but same effect) you have now set up your virtual wall so to speak. Hope that helps with your particular use.


His credibility was never questioned. His understanding of what a virtual wall is. I have linked a picture to show what I’m speaking of. Ill try and explain:

  1. I have a home with many rooms.
  2. Some of these rooms are divided by an internal wall. (not uncommon here in NC)
  3. After doing many and I truly mean many quick mapping of the house the software sees the wall but does not allow me to use it to divide a room. See my barbaric image editing for an example.
  4. Having a “virtual wall” would allow me to do a better job deviding the rooms…

Nothing new here. As I have seen in the forums, this has been an “issue, request to fix” since Nov 2020.
The coming soon feature for Alexa has been static for over a year as well… Just want the Robo-Vac to see and receive some love here. We Crowd Funders would be thankful!

So if I’m understanding you correctly, the room 1 and room 2 you have is showing as one complete room. Have you tried my suggestion of splitting the room? Not by a virtual wall as requested, but in the customization area where you can set no-go areas there is also the split room option. That is effectively giving you that virtual wall. It will turn them into two separate rooms that you can name and you can set it up to clean each room separately

And as far as Alexa goes, I wish I could give you a solid answer on that as a lot of things have changed within the last year, but I know on other programs things were changed on the other companies side and were no longer able to work with the Wyze setups for one reason or another. I sadly can’t give you a definite answer on it, your best bet for an answer on something like that would be the discord channel where you can actually ask Wyze employees specifics.

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Questions with answers:

Q: Have you tried my suggestion of splitting the room? Not by a virtual wall as requested, but in the customization area where you can set no-go areas there is also the split room option.

A: I can not count how many times I have tried and how many hours I have spent on it to get it to work. ( re-mapping till I’m blue in the face). It will not allow me to divide the room using that REAL wall that is there., Assuming it sees it as a piece for furniture or something and not a wall or divider.

Unaware of such a channel. Can you please link their Discord info?

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You can get on discord through a web browser or app on a mobile device or PC.

Create a user account and search for the Wyze Server. Once there you will see all of the Wyze channels for discussion.

Home and Comfort is where the Wyze Robot Vacuum lives. The Wyze associates that are online will be shown in the top right highlighted in the Wyze “blue” color.

See you there.


What would happen if you would temporarily connect an outer wall with the inner wall on one of the side with some cardboard or something so it would see it as a contiguous wall.

You would have to no longer accept map updates though.

I have one spot like that, but it’s an entire no-go zone so I had no desire to try this idea.

You didn’t say that in your initial post. So…yep. Alexa has been integrated for months.

Split room is easy and a feature already. Pencil. Customize room. Select the room you want to split. Split will highlight at the bottom. Select that. You will have 2 point to move to your desired locations to split any way your heart desires. Select OK. It will create and name the new created room. If you make a mistake or no long want the split. Select adjacent rooms and merge will highlight on the bottom. Click ok. Boom. 1 room again. It works fine.

You can’t split on inner walls (island) as they can not be distinguished from furniture/appliances. With the little research I did looking at similar models, it appears to be a limitation in the original manufacturer’s firmware.

So, you’re saying if I have a room labeled kitchen, I can send wyze robo-vac out to only clean that room by saying: Alexa vacuum the kitchen"?

Nope. Alexa has been integrated for month though.

Would also love to know when we will get multi floor support for the vac. I love my robo vac from Wyze, but the inability to take it to another level to vacuum (without stuffing up the mapping) is a real pain.

I heard this is being beta tested. Anyone know when we might get this or how I can get added to the test? Cheers

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