Are We EVER going to get person detection with CMC

Hey, does anybody know when or if we are ever going to get person detection with CMC? Wyze has been working on this for 6 months. What is the problem? I’m considering dropping CMC and just use my SD card so I can get person detection.

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Yes, I believe it’s in testing now

Yep Wyze has been working on PD for 6 months. It was right about 6 months ago when xnor got bought by :apple: and Wyze had to scramble and start developing their own PD software from the ground up. I am not a software or anything developer, but I am happy they got this far in development in that time frame after proboly not thinking that they’d have to do that at all. Yes there are hiccups, doesn’t work with CMC, sometimes accuracy doesn’t seem that great, bugs and shadows are people, but they are working on those. I don’t know when these will be ironed out, but we know they are working on it. Sorry it doesn’t jive with your CMC subscription.