Are any fellow Wyze addicts wanting to join WW?

Ok, here’s the concept.

Please keep in mind, I’m not making fun of addiction. My mother was a hopeless alcoholic after my Dad died young. We had a hard go of it. She spent months (unsuccessfully) in various treatment centers.

But, lately, my wife is accusing me of being a WYZE addict.

And like many addicts, I first denied it. But I’m coming to realize that she might have a point.

I’m finding Wyze products, stuck inside and outside of the house, in places I forgot I stuck them. I even have a stockpile (hidden from my wife) of readily available, new Wyze products, in the event one Wyze product dies. Extra cameras, Extra sensors, Extra motion detectors, etc.

In fact, I’m now realizing that I am powerless over my continuing addiction to Wyze products.

And while I realize I’m addicted to Wyze products … and powerless over Wyze’s grip on me, I am also coming to the realization that I really don’t want to give up my Wyze obsession. I need the support of a group.

Which is why I’m thinking about starting up a Nationwide (soon to include Canadian Wyze addicts) support group called WW … patterned after the famous AA group.

WW is short for Wyze Whiners.

I envision small support groups of fellow addicts, meeting to encourage others struggling with a similar addiction.

In the groups, we can whine about how we are powerless against the lure of Wyze and the overwhelming urge to buy.

We can share places we’ve hidden Wyze products from people we love.

And we can whine about how angry our families got when they discovered the Wyze charges on our credit card bills … when really, we’re just buying all these products to protect them and enrich our lives.

What do you think? Are you in?

We can meet in Home Depots across the country, near the Wyze displays. Practicing social distancing and wearing masks, naturally. Masks not only to protect from Covid, but to also mask the identify of fellow addicts. In fact, I think I’ve seen many of you already hanging around the displays.


Pretty sure you meant Wyze Winers.


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That works for me … Winers could be construed as being Wyze "Win"ers for having all Wyze products (but not excelling at spelling) … or “Wine’rs” because it occasionally drives them to drinking.

But I’m told I do “whine” a lot, so it’s all applies!

At any rate, love the “Wise Wine” shop!

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House band:



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“That Thing You Do” was a bigger hit in Canada … kinda like Wyze being so popular in Canada. Once Wyze starts shipping to Canada, the number of Wyze addicts is going to grow exponentially!

There are Home Depots in Canada, but addicts up yonder will prefer to meet at Canadian Tire