Arbitrary/Sporadic Sales Tax?

I just posted a different topic about an offer I received so I happened to check a few things on my account via desktop, such as my billing history. I had taken advantage of the “name your price” feature at one time and I guess I set it to about $2.48. However, 2 recent months charged me $2.70. I understand $0.22 is not a significant amount of money, but I found it odd they only charge it sometimes? I can only post one image per post so I will follow-up with additional screenshots if needed.
Has anyone seen this before? I have not purchased any products during these months that would require sales tax. I have done nothing different during this entire timeframe, so I’m confused why 2 months have tax added?

I don’t know why the screenshot looks like garbage, I have uploaded a better variation

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It is particularly odd that it went up to $2.70 in July then back down to $2.48 for 2 months then back up again in October. If it was really a sales tax increase of some kind I would’ve expected it to stay stable at $2.70, but it didn’t. That indicates to me that there may be some kind of glitch happening.

In your position, I would submit a Support ticket and have someone look into it. Let us know how that goes. Depending on the answer we might be able to get it escalated to another employee to check in more detail, but we would need a support ticket number for that either way, so please try asking support first and then follow up here again.

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