Applet failed


My setup comprises of a dozen Wyze cameras and a home automation that invokes IFTTT webhooks to turn on all cameras when the last household occupant leaves the premises and turn off all cameras when any household member comes back. A few times a week these IFTTT webhook fail. Error varies. Some examples:

  • There was a problem with the Webhooks service.
  • The Webhooks service or its API may temporarily be down.

In both failure cases (turn all on or off), this is problematic:

  • Turn on: household is unprotected. No notifications or camera uploads on motion.
  • Turn off: cameras constantly churning, uploading videos every few minutes and sending notifications. Annoying for end user and needlessly costly for Wyze company (probably need to pay AWS based on usage) until someone decides to manually turn off the cameras, which is tedious (log in each camera one by one, go in settings, turn off)

Options that came to mind:

  • Retries in IFTTT. Unfortunately, IFTTT does not appear to have any retry-on-error logic.
  • Flow has retries, but does not appear to have Wyze integration.
  • Unconditionally fire the webhook a number of times. That wouldn’t be playing nice with the backend.

Any other ideas?