Apple HomeKit Integration

Yeah, the Tapo C120 is currently $28 on Amazon and it has native RTSP. Got it configured and running in Scrypted in no time…

Time to step up @WyzeTeam

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Tapo seems like a good option. Got a Kasa, Tapo sister company I believe, outdoor WiFi plug for Xmas lights. At time it was $5 less than Wyze and works just fine. The C120 looks like the best option if I needed a good outdoor cam option. Got amblink battery cam from beta testing that’s minimally useful due to limited 3rd party support but satisfy our minimal needs, so far.

To clarify, technically neither of them are companies, they are both different product lines of the same company: TP-Link. :wink:

I have some Kasa products myself, mostly because they often integrate with Homekit, and while I don’t use Apple, anything with Homekit will work with Home Assistant, so I love when something is Homekit compatible for that reason…though it’s not quite as good as direct Home Assistant integration, it is still awesome.

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Duh, ya, forgot about tp-link, big corp, Chinese originally but think they got a US div now, seems like they got more going on in US mkt over past several yrs. I added one of their 8 port hubs to my router many yrs ago. Was $20 and still working just fine.

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