Apple HomeKit Integration

It’s a business. It’s a cheap product. They gotta do something to stay in business.

Latest HomeKit update allows for short video clips on the Apple Watch for HomeKit compatible cameras.

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Adding my voice to the chorus of customers asking for HomeKit integration. This can be done via a firmware/software update. Other companies have done this without the need for a new hub device too.

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Once again. RTSP and Homebridge. I can see all my wyze cams in HomeKit and Apple Watch. I can watch the videos smoothly from my Apple Watch. I use homebridge to integrate all my wyze devices into HomeKit. Over 30 devices.

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Could you send your coding setup? I am using the latest HOOBS and the tweaking I can get only gives me 7-10 second video load time. the native Wyze app is almost instant.

Thank you so much!!!

Yea I get a 6 sec load time but once it’s in, it’s about a 1 sec lag but plays smooth. Refresh home images are 6 secs as well. What do you man.

AI also have some cameras in HomeKit using RTSP and homebridge but this is very limited:

  • outdoor cameras don’t work
  • several Wyze features don’t work using the RTSP firmware
  • the lag time to start watching the video in HomeKit varies from 1 second to 7 or more seconds
  • no sound in the HomeKit (only video)
  • automations are not possible (ex: when a motion is detected in a Wyze camera, turn on the light or when I leave my house, turn on motion detection and notifications in my cameras)
  • we can only see video in one camera at each time
  • Just a few RTSP firmware versions were launched so far.
  • I don’t know why but I wasn’t able to install the RTSP firmware in some of my cameras while in others I had no problems (I follow the same installation process for alll cameras)

It’s really a pity not having this integration natively. I the past 2 years several brands appeared in the market offering HomeKit compatible cameras at a price slightly higher than wyze.

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It’s going to be 2 years since the last update… any updates on homekit compatibility? Have you guys abandoned homekit?

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We have not abandoned it but it has been a low priority compared to all the other work that we had to do to support all the new products. We are still looking at opportunity to bring HomeKit forward but we are also in a tough spot because Matter will bring the HomeKit compatibility soon so we have to pick between waiting for Matter and get compliant with it with an uncertain timeline at this point or launch an extensive work for HomeKit compatibility.
We will most likely used a mix approach.


With the phrase “launch an extensive work for HomeKit compatibility” means that Wyze isn’t that close…


If we could get where someone could make a plug-in to use all the Wyze devices with HomeBridge. That would be a huge plus. There are a bunch of other devices that only work with Alexa or Google, but with a Plugin and Homebridge, work great with Siri.

Using Homebridge is not to hard. But even simpler, HOOBS. Which is their own Interface on top of Homebridge running on a Rasberry Pie. The price is a little high, but it’s in a case and basically plug and go. Or you buy your own Rasberry Pie, and buy their $20 SD card to plug into it.

This allows you currently to control a fe of WYZE devices like light bulbs. It allow you to control the Nest or Ring with Siri also along with so many other devices. I’m using HOOBS myself. Now allows me to control my Blinds with Siri easily when it was Google/Alexa only before.



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Maybe it would be good to support your existing products well, rather than a lot of products not well.


We will never see it. They are busy launching new products no one asked for.

I understand they need new products in the pipeline but this is just ridiculous. How about you refine the experience for your user’s existing products first.

After seeing the new doorbell pro announcement today I figured I would see if offered support for Matter. Surprise Surprise. It won’t!!!
There will just be more excuses and delays. I will speak with my wallet going forward. I need a product that works the way I need it to!

The sob story of almost going bankrupt fooled me until I saw all the new products they were trying to launch. That’s why they were broke and why existing products suffered


IMO I think wyze should work on Matter more then come back to homekit later. but I am a biased Google Home user lol.

That’s the thing, once we have Matter, we automatically have HomeKit, Alexa, Google Homeand many other without having to do anything or pass any new certifications. So Matter is a win from that point of view. But there are some serious impact on adopting Matter and it requires a huge amount of work to be able to not be just a device manufacturer.


Except I believe Matter doesn’t currently support cameras?

Right. Sorry I missed the fact you were talking about the camera.
Camera won’t be supported with the first version of Matter and, right now, there is no work started to support cameras that I’m aware.

There is a Plugin for Wyze Products. The Plug-In is named “Wyze Connected Home Op” Updated 10/18/21.

Currently Supports:
Light Bulb
Color Bulb (Mesh Light)
Outdoor Plug
V1 Conect Sensor
V1 Motion Sensor

I’d like to see a whole lot more. It is something. So if you want Siri/Homekit support for these Wyze Devices, you can have it. Using Homebridge or Hoobs, you wouldn’t realize they weren’t native Homekit devices. It does take a little more skill. Using Hoobs does make it simpler, but it’s basically an overlay for Homebridge. It would be nice to see the Doorbell and many of their other devices. It just may not be possible. I have no idea. Homebridge does allow you to use a ton of other devices that don’t support Homekit.

I don’t see why any camera manuf that put as much effort into an Add-on/service/cloud based AI as Wyze would go and allow HomeKit. At least with Eufy, the AI is baked into the hardware/eufy software so they have nothing to lose by allowing integration. Wyze would lose big time. No one will be able to convince me that v3 cameras can’t be grandfathered into Edge Motion. Not allowing that was a 100% business decision because it is necessary to force/push people into Cam Plus as this is where the profits come from.

Allowing HomeKit integration basically means that anyone with HomeKit can dodge Cam Plus, unless of course they put HomeKit integration into Cam Plus in which case that’d be completely pointless.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love it if they did but from a business perspective they would be shooting themselves in the foot, again, unless they allow it only with a Cam Plus sub and that would be senseless.

We will see though, with how Matter is supposed to work it may be inevitable, only time can tell.