Apple HomeKit Integration

A first party HomeKit integration would be swell.

In the meantime, I just found out that it’s possible to get Wyze devices into the Apple Home ecosystem via Home Assistant. It’s a free, open source, customizable app that runs locally on a computer or IoT device.

I got HA set up on a Raspberry Pi and installed the HomeKit and Wyze integrations and now I can control my Wyze bulbs, locks, and cameras through Siri and the Home app with surprisingly fast response times. Pretty sweet.

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I am running my wyze to home through HOOBS however, the lag on the cameras are 15-30 seconds. Are yours better than that? Also no v3 cams work with it.


I’m pretty concerned about this atm.

With iCloud+ offering 5 camera support on 200GB plans soon (I have Apple One Family), I definitely would like to get my cams on HomeKit.

Eufy as we all know does this and they now have outdoor cams which do color night vision (through a spot light, but still).

I will def keep my Wyze security and my v3 with cam plus through that plan going, but I do t want to pay for another cam plus sub, which I am doing if I can just use HKSV. I’d rather just switch to HomeKit with the Eufy cams.

In the end I hope that Wyze finds a way to integrate the v3 with HomeKit sooner than later.

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Finally got all my color bulbs and cams in HomeKit. The joy. Not the savviest but I may be able to help someone else get set up.

Wyze Cam v2 on RSTP firmware > Home Assistant > HomeKit is surprisingly fast. Like almost indistinguishable from the stream in the Wyze app fast. Viewing the Wyze stream in HomeKit is way faster than viewing it through an HA Lovelace dashboard. Loading the view takes about 10 seconds, but once it’s streaming it’s near realtime for me.

I just got my v3 working in HomeKit too by installing this unofficial firmware: GitHub - FiveLeavesLeft/WyzeCameraLiveStream: Hack to allow live streaming from wyze cameras to vlc or mpv on your desktop.. Took a bit of finagling to get the stream working properly, and there’s still some bugs to be worked out, but the latency is quite low in HomeKit once it’s connected.

What the. When was this release. You know how many hrs it took me to set up yesterday. Plus all the hrs I’ve tried before. Lol

Matter I believe would get notifications and communication with typical IoT devices but would not work for the cameras. that’s a specific integration.

This will only work on V2 cams and is also a bit old so none of the newer firmware features are a part of it. Take a look at Wyze official RTSP firmware it offers the same support but newer and official.

HomeKit integration sounds like it basically dead in the water for existing products: "I'm Wyze Cofounder Dave Crosby - AMA!" - Reddit Summary/Compilation


If you want and need Homekit support, which my House is, Look else ware!!! Waze doesn’t want to support Homekit. So they don’t care about ignoring half of the U.S. They don’t want to FIX their products anyway. Customer Service stinks. There are a number of company’s out there that DO support Homekit. So bring your business to them and support them.


New HomeKit video features are coming in iOS 15, so this is a great time to support HomeKit! I will happily replace 3 Wyze cameras as well as my Ring Doorbell with Wyze products that support HomeKit. Please make this happen! Thanks!


Same here! I bought two WyzeCams a couple years ago and like them a lot. However, the lack of HomeKit support prompted me to install Eufy cameras for my first outdoor cameras. I plan to add cameras indoors and outdoors. I also will help my father-in-law set up cameras for his new business building. I’d be happy to buy Wyze products, but HomeKit is a requirement. I want the security and integration HomeKit provides.


How are those Eufy cameras working out for you? I’m contemplating the same purchase myself. I really want that homekit integration.

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I have over 50 homekit compatible devices in my house and it’s really frustrating not having my 12 wyze cameras integrated with homekit.

I believe this is not an easy thing to implement, but why is wyze spending money and effort reinventing the wheel trying to implement automations among wyze devices. It will probably be easier and cheaper to integrate wyze products with homekit and use apple native automations.

I sincerely believe that the big boom for wyze products will happen when integration with apple’s homekit becomes a reality.


We all know the woes. All I can tell you is RTSP and homebridge

Wyze makes its money with cloud subscriptions so forget about Homekit. I have two Eufy cameras in Homekit and the cloud is automatically disable.

Unless Wyze decided to put smart detection back into cameras like in XNOR’s time, but that would surprise me a lot. It would deprive them of too much of their income.

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Is there any update with HomeKit integration? You guys just raised $100M, put some cash into HomeKit integration ASAP please. Would love to transition to Apple HomePod/HomeKit control in this lifetime.


It’s clear that HomeKit support would hurt their subscription business. They could, however provide a homebridge plugin, which would allow control of subscription service, while still
Exposing various widgets via HomeKit


This is a sign of a very poorly run company, not listening to a large market share. The profile is typical of an engineer sitting in the CEO seat. As an investment banker, this is the profile I’ve learned never to work with.