Apple HomeKit Integration

If you have the Nanoleaf Essentials Lightstrip and its connectivity is sketchy it can mean that your Mini might be too far for a solid connection so the lightstrip is reverting to Bluetooth. The more devices you add to Thread the stronger support you will have so if you added a Nanoleaf Essentials Bulb between your Mini and your lightstrip it can improve the performance. I would suggest downloading the free Eve app from the app store. In the Eve apps settings it has a section that lists all of the Thread devices connected to HomeKit. If your lightstrip is not showing in there its most likely on Bluetooth.

I hope Wyze is working towards joining CHIP or at least supporting HomeKit over Thread. Thread has been around for a while but it really is the future of IoT and I am happy to see lots of manufacturers heading in that direction.


Any other updates??? HomeKit.

It much. This is my assumption. Companies that have not been able or willing to jump into the HomeKit world are preparing to meet the CHIP standards which will allow much of their product to play well with other platforms.

That sounds reasonable. Thanks.

You haven’t needed Apple’s Homekit chip in a few years now. It can all be handled in software. That is an old requirement. It’s much easier these days to add support. Other companies have no problem supporting Alexa, Google, and Siri Homekit in their products.

Using my HOOBS box and a Plugin, I now have Homekit support with “MySmartBlinds” which only support Alexa and Google. Now it works with Siri. Really, it’s all software. A few things of WYZE are supported this way also.

And that is a good point.

Wrong chip… CHIP is connected home over IP Here is a link to a recent webinar about it.

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Google is even doing it… Google Nest to integrate with HomeKit, bringing smart home unification one step closer - CNET


The Apple community is the largest segment of the computing world under one brand. HomeKit is available to each and every iOS, iPadOs, iWatchOS, and MacOS. With the introduction of the new features in OS 15 to integrate security camera into HomeKit with encryption, Wyze would be the perfect fit. With the exposure to far more devices than Amazon or Google in the home. Please, put HomeKit on the development board.


The new Matter protocol would make integration between different brands possible soon.


Bumping this. Apple just announced at WWDC iCloud+ with specific features for HomeKit including camera features. They also announced support for Matter that could help with the Apple/Google/Amazon integration if the companies adopt it.


Now more than ever, Wyze. Apple is practically begging companies like Wyze to adopt HomeKit


If you need Homekit support, just go with someone else. Wyze seems to have zero interest.

I get HomeKit support through Hoobs.

How do you do it with Hoobs ? I use Homebridge which is the same as Hoobs and I can’t figure out what plug-in works for Wyze camera 3 or my Wyze outdoor cam or Wyze indoor pancam. Please provide details on your plugins, devices, and settings.

I have a ton of Wyze products (versions) and across many product lines. I invest in ecosystems and Apple is the on I chose many years ago. Happy to say, they get it when it comes to simplicity, usability, and privacy. I am hoping Wyze “listens” to the many folks begging them to come to this platform. If it costs $10 dollars per device, so be it. I would invest in features such as CamPlus+, but I need integration into the largest platform out there (HomeKit is going to be it). Technically, I understand there are challenges and Wyze needs to be innovative and come to Market with new products, HomeKit integration would propel Wyze sales and the strong user base they have (and could command).

Nothing on Hoobs works with the Cams. I don’t care about that anyway. I want to tell siri to turn on bulbs and plugs. Apple has better triggers with locations and such. For video I’ll use the Wyze app but apple has it down for all other devices.

+1 for Apple Homekit. The new IOS15 and new homekit should be top priority for wyze. Even if a $30 bridge purchase is required to allow all wyze v2,v3 devices to integrate.


Doesn’t look like they would need to support HomeKit. They would just need to support the new Matter standard.

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And they recently joined Matter! :eyes: