App Version needed?

What about the APP, does it uses the same APP as the V1 &V2 or is a new App version coming out to control all the cameras?, the reason I ask is the Pan camera has some zones that are not included in my current App and probably manual control over panning that current App doesn’t have.


Hi Flaco - we are releasing a new version of the app that will support all Wyze cameras (v1, v2 and Pan). The interface for v1 and v2 will be the same, but when you set up a Wyze Cam Pan in the app you’ll see the new controls & features (pan/tilt control, motion tracking, etc) for that camera. The new app versions will be released in the next day or two.

Thanks Elana. I ordered a couple pan cameras shortly prior to the big announcement and looking forward to playing with the new features :slight_smile: