App update

Loving the new update!!! I love the new features such as being able to group cameras and view them at the same time. For example, I have 2 cameras out the front of my house and 4 out the back so being able to group them together and quickly click on view front or view back is such a nice feature! Each camera shows different areas and angles so it helps a ton being able to quickly see the entire front or back yards. Before I’d have to keep switching between cameras to see the whole area. So if a person was out there and walking around, it was hard before to keep switching to see where they are going but now I can see them constantly on all of the cameras, as they move around in and out of view on each one. Sooooo helpful!

Plus being able to check for updates on them all at once, as well as update them all at the same time is great too. Loving these new time saving features! Thanks guys!!

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