App Turns On Cam to Push Ad

I have a Cam Pan v2. In addition to the issues I currently have with rules in-app, this morning I found that the app had apparently turned it on to send me an ad for Cam Plus.

This is creepy and intrusive. Is this expected behavior?
Can it be turned off?

From the main page of the Wyze app, where you can see all of your devices, you should be able to go to Account->Notifications->In-app Notifications and turn In-app Notifications off.

If it was off before, I can’t say why it is turned on now. Did you recently upgrade the Wyze app?

No. I removed and re-added the cam to the app to troubleshoot ghost rule issues.

It’s still creepy that in-app notifications will turn the camera on.

I don’t see any 12s videos (CP Lite) or Thumbnails (no Sub) in the screenshot that would indicate that the cam was on and uploading video.

The 5m Cooldown Ad that you see is going to be prevalent any time you open the Events tab with cameras selected that are not in CP. I’m not confident that turning off in app notifications is going to remove the 5m cooldown marker.

Regardless, the app is not going to turn on a Cam and upload a video just to place an ad.

I was going to skip taking a screenshot of this but I’m glad I didn’t. Here’s the screenshot of the camera turned on, @SlabSlayer. Note: the time is ten minutes after the screenshot in my original post because I took the first screnshot, posted it to the forums, then took the screenshot of the camera being on.

Please see the attached screenshot above and in my original post. I noticed the cam was turned on and I know that I hadn’t initiated it. When I checked the app, the ad (screenshot in original post) was what I saw.

That is an interesting screenshot. Not really sure what Android device you are using or app version. I have been here in the forums for a bit, but have never seen a home device screen that shows a cam image like that with the on\off button overlayed.

But, it does appear to be on. I understand that you were trying to make sure that the rules you deleted weren’t still activating a power change. In Event Recording, is there a schedule set? Do you use IFTTT or Alexa to integrate w\ your cams? Is there any Rules history?

I’m using the Pixel 6 Pro with the latest app and firmware version. I used photo editing software to obfuscate the image because it’s of the interior of my home, but the On button and camera name is as it appears in my Wyze home screen.

I DO have disabled/deleted rules that are still running and do NOT show in Rules history; that is a separate issue that has yet to be resolved. I do NOT use IFTTT or Alexa and none of the other rules I created are enabled.

There is no rule history for this event. Meaning: there is nothing else within the app that shows what turned on the camera, other than the event shown in the screenshot in my original post.

Update: when I click on the event a popup ad is shown.

@SlabSlayer Here is an unedited capture of my home screen

This is how the app displays cams when you only have a few in your account. I’m not sure of the exact number but if you only have 1 or 2 it will display like that. As soon as you have more it will go to the normal display your used to.

That is because it is not an event. It is an Ad Marker that shows in all accounts without a Cam Plus Subscription. An event will show as a Thumbnail image of what the cam uploaded for cams without any Subscriptions and a 12s video with a thumbnail image for Cam Plus Lite. There will also be a time of when the event occured.

As I stated, there are no uploaded Events in your screenshot. Just an Ad Marker. There is no way by the events screen to verify when it was on if no Events are uploaded and listed.

But, that doesn’t change the fact that your cam is powering On of its own accord which it should not be doing.

Is the cam shared to anyone else?

Have you verified there are no schedules set in the Event Recording settings?

Have you uninstalled the app and reinstalled it?

Prior to deleting the cam, before you reinstalled it, did you delete all rules associated with the cam? Did you do a Factory Reset on the cam?

Do you have an SD Card in the cam Recording Continuous? If so, this will give you the exact time when the cam was turned back on as the continuous recording will resume when the cam is turned back on. If you are power cycling the cam, however, even though the cam should return to Off if it was Off before the power cycle, the SD Recording will resume even if the cam returns to off.

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Thanks Beans! That is why I didn’t recognize it! I was experiencing some serious FOMO that I thought was fancy new UI for these newer Hyper-Phones… I am still several OS versions back.

That must have been something that they started doing more recently. I don’t recall ever seeing it. But, that would have been a very long time and many dozens of devices ago for me.

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No. I have never shared the cam with anyone.


Yes. Recently, as part of the other issue, for a support ticket.

Prior to deleting the cam, before you reinstalled it, did you delete all rules associated with the cam? Did you do a Factory Reset on the cam?

I did not delete all of the rules recently, as I was concerned that doing so would exacerbate the other issue I’m experiencing: deleted…along with disabled…rules still run. I have done so in the past, as part of troubleshooting the other issue.

Same goes for the factory reset.

Yes I have an SD card. No, it is not set to continuous recording.

I understand now what you are/were saying; there are no timestamps (unfortunately) on the Ad Marker or anything in the rules history of the camera indicating that it was turned on when the Ad Marker appeared. Also unfortunately, the notification history on my phone does not cover yesterday morning.

Since all of the schedule rules associated with my camera are disabled, and none of said schedule rules turn on the camera at the time shown in the screenshot, and the camera was turned off prior to the ad marker appearing, you can understand why my conclusion would be that the camera turned on to show the ad.