App shows bulb off when bulb is on

I’m on the Beta App and this has occurred previously. If I use the app to turn on the bulb, it works. If I go into the bulb function of the app, the bulb appears off, even tho it is physically on. I can change scenes in the app and the bulb physically changes and shows that in app. If I back out to the main app menu, the app shows the bulb off, while the bulb is still physically on in the scene selected. If I leave the app and reopen it, the bulb will appear off again, while still on. If I ‘turn bulb on’ in app, the bulb remains physically on and then I can use the app to turn it off (physically and in app).

I have three scenes, use the night and morning sleep routines, and schedules to turn on/off the bulb. No Alexa or IFTTT integration.

Any similar experiences or advice?

I have experienced kind of the same. One of my bulbs will be on and shows a cloud where the on button should be… not able to control bulb… if I turn power off to bulb then back on…it re-connects and works as advertised…until it happens again~~~ not sure what is causing it…just know if cloud appears where on/off should be I know I have to power cycle it to make it work…

Not the same. Mine actually shows off, no cloud. Sometimes the app goes from on to off while I’m in the main menu, although the bulb stays physically on.

I put my Bulbs in a group. I have observed on occasions, a Bulb that is physically ON is shown as OFF. I will then toggle it ON, back to OFF and the Bulb turns off.

I do not like this discrepancy as if I am away, there is no guarantee the App is properly informing me the correct current status of each Bulb.

I have three bulbs on triggers. My assumption is this situation is only happening with those Bulbs. I plan to randomly turn on the one Bulb that is not on a trigger and check the App.

most likely due to the server issues that started last night

yeah, still not solved

Not sure on a server issue unless same problem had occurred many times, as I’ve seen this many times. Just got home and app showed bulb on. It was not. Like Isaiah58 says, need app to be reliable for state of devices.

It is getting worse. All my Bulbs are OFF. Two show ON. I manually toggle them OFF and leave the App. When I check again, the App shows those two as ON. I even used a group toggle to turn all 4 On, then Off. When I return, the same 2 show ON again.

All my toggles are correct as of this morning.

Anyone figure this out? I have one that shows perfectly fine in the app but on Echo Show it shows off when it is on.

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