App request: Organize cameras by location, etc

Apologies if this is a duplicate feature request or if there’s already a way to solve this problem. I ST*F but came up empty.

I’d like to have optionality regarding how my Wyze cameras are organized in the app’s Devices view. Tabs or a titled heading would suffice when organizing:

  1. cams within a single address (i.e. first floor, exterior, most important).
  2. cams installed at an entirely different address.

Right now I’m leading each Wyze cam’s name with a nickname for the location of the cam, but a better method for organizing the cameras would be nice.

Do you mean “LivingRoom_1”, “LivingRoom_2”?

Hi, Mark,

Thanks for following up. Yes, that’s half of it.

I’m looking to solve two situations.

Improve organization 1) within one home, as in your example, and 2) differentiate and organize between multiple homes.

Here’s a quick mockup:

I have devices in two different homes. Currently the devices are commingled. I would like to view devices by location under the same ID. See the Google Nest and Ring app for how they have done it.