[App release announcement] New 2.1 App

A new version of 2.1 has been launched. Hope you will enjoy it. If there are any questions on the latest version, please let us know. Thank you very much. Following is the release notes:

Android 2.1.31

  • Added IR light control
  • Added support for sorting and likes in Discover
  • Added Early Access feature in Shop
  • Optimized the log out issue when in poor internet connection
  • Improved aspect ratios for devices that aren’t 16:9
  • Fixed the zoom issue when enabling Hardware Decoder
  • Bug fixes and experience improvements

iOS 2.1.32

  • Added IR light control
  • Added support for sorting and likes in Discover
  • Added Early Access feature in Shop
  • Optimized the log out issue when in poor internet connection
  • Bug fixes and experience improvements

Installed and testing currently, as soon as it is dark I will see how well the IR Led control function works. Glad it has finally been implemented.

What is the “Early Access” feature for shop in the app?


Fantastic! I did not have a single insect related false alarm last night! Since I installed Separate IR sources, I still have excellent night time video.

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Love the new IR light control for my indoor-looking-outdoor cams! Even without an outdoor IR illuminator, I can see normally-illuminated sources much better at night. It’s a keeper. :smiley:

Installed new app update 2.1.32 yesterday on my Apple Iphone 5c … I know, I know, get a new phone.

The app update works well … BUT the DISCOVER SORT feature causes the app to immediately crash and reboot without resorting. (The sort feature works great on my wife’s iPHONE XS.)

That’s no big deal … because I really have no need for the Discover Sort feature … but I was just playing with all the new features and found the problem.

FYI , my wife tells me to get a new phone almost daily so please feel free to follow suit. I really don’t expect you to even continue to support my almost 6 year old phone … but hey, the phone still works!!!

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Do you mind reporting this issue via the app? It sends a log to our team for troubleshooting.

Sent with log file … ticket number 194059. Apple no longer provides support or IOS updates for the 5C … so I’m sure it’s not your problem … or even one I expect you try to fix on an old phone and IOS. The sort feature works on my wife’s iPhone Xs.

Y’all keep improving the features … I love your Cameras so much I might be forced to upgrade my phone! (Please don’t tell my wife or she’ll really start piling on me!)

what’s your iOS version btw? Will check the ticket separately

IOS 10.3.3 was the last available Apple update on the 5C.

Like I said … the phone is a dinosaur.

My wife (with a Iphone Xs) is really after me to upgrade the phone. I guess I’ve held onto the 5C because of the way I was raised … “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and the phone and most of the APPS I use still work fine on the phone.

Please don’t waste any time on trying to “retro-fix” this outdated phone. Your APP works GREAT with my phone and IOS. I can live view, update the firmware, upload EVENTS, use with Google assistant and IFTTT. Not being able to sort the DISCOVER videos isn’t really an issue.

However, if (and when) WYZE goes international … I fear that what is outdated in some parts of the world will be state of the art in others. I just wanted to give you a heads up in case you want to establish some “minimum” standards for phones that work with your App and your cameras.

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In a n all to easy n quick to dispose of, many useful things world.

U seem to understand the value of, “Good to use n Good for use.” .

Recycle, Restore n Use up!

Help Save our Planet,
Goosh Darnit!

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That used to be something like “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without”

Am I suppose to upgrade? Or does it do that automatically?

When are you guys going to add google assistant support? would love to be able to ask Google to show me the camera and it does show it

I think you may find the answer to your question if you search the #roadmap category. :wink:

Where is the IR light control in the app?


@Steve2005 Go to the camera, click the gear icon on the upper right, then click Advanced Settings to see IR Lights

Thanks Mark

@CaptainMark please restore the availability to install to Chromebooks. from the Play Store. I sideload the app and it works just fine. As it is now, every time there is an update, I need to send the new APK to the Chromebook and manually install. Thank you

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I’m surprised you had any insect issues with the IR LED, because most insects don’t see it.