App plays camera audio even when in background

Actually, I’d have to recheck if the app was in the foreground or background, but when my screen lock is active and I walk near the camera, I hear my conversation being emitted from my Android phone a few seconds after I speak. The app either doesn’t realize that the screen lock is active or, even worse, the app is in the background and still playing back everything it hears.

Hmmm, even even worse, why is the app streaming data in either case??? The only thing it should be doing in either case is sending me event notification.

Try deleting and reinstalling the app. Also, make sure the app is up to date.

A couple of questions:

  • When you uninstall, what happens to the album photos/video? Shouldn’t they get deleted? I have a video in the album I want to keep.

  • Why uninstall or upgrade? Is this problem fixed in a newer version?

  • Does the app or the Play Store tell you that a newer version is available? I’ve never paid much attention to Android app updates. IOS tells you that 1 or more updates are available and indicates which apps will be updated. This is a bit more mysterious in Android.

I’d back them up, I’m pretty sure they’ll get deleted.

It helps with troubleshooting and sometimes fixes the issue.

It should say “update” when you go into the Playstore and view the app.

Here’s the thing, the Play Store web app says current Wyze version 2.12.29, updated Aug 17/2020. Play Store on my phone About This App shows version 2.12.35, released Oct 18/2017. I guess that’s the original release date.

Something’s out of synch here.

There should be a button, when pressed while in the album that would allow selected photos to be backed up/copied to the phones onboard photo album