App not showing workout details

The details of my workout aren’t showing:


For the past few weeks after a workout I look into my stats and it shows my run on the main page however when I click on it I’m just taken to a blank page with no stats recorded. Even on my historical runs where I could see my status are now no more! Feels like a bad app to me!!!

same here. i haven’t found the solution yet :confused:

I just tried uninstalling and re-installing the app with a re-start of band and phone in between and still no joy, Has to be an app issue.

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Same issue, last worked on 1/15/21

I did a full phone reset, band and all and still nothing. I’ve just turned on the Google Fit integration in the hope it might sync there.

My app wasn’t tracking workouts or advanced stats above my weight. I had tried all methods to correct with no success. Just by chance I went into my scale settings under users and deleted then added back in my user name. All of a sudden both functions - advanced scale info + workout info began working again and have worked since with no issues. This all began after I replaced the batteries in the scale.

Any hint on how you removed and added back in your username? I only have the one account and username is grayed out when I go in under Users for the scale so I can’t seem to delete the account or the username…

Great question I will try to recreate what I did. I remember now, I added a member with a similar name and same profile. After completing this it gave me an error saying the users had similar info. I deleted the new member, force closed the app and then started it back up. Since then it has been 100% on. I was in Florida for 2 weeks and used the workout app everyday with success, and since returning home it has continued without fault. Hope this might help.

Thanks, i just tried creating a profile with the same details apart from username and added it fine. It all went in with no warning and worked as expected, even let me choose between profiles in the scales app. My band didn’t change in any way and i still can’t see those details (I don’t actually see how the band links with my details in scale) but you do have me thinking now as my wife has the scale added on her phone, maybe i need to remove her from there… (not sure that’s going to go down well)

Question for you, do you have a Wyze scale and if so how many users of the scale? looking like it could be an issue with multiple profiles

Yes, I have 2 users.

After playing around adding and removing users I managed to get a workout to log correctly but only 1 and all my past workouts still aren’t displaying and also no new ones now… certainly feels related to users but not idea how I resolve it.

Same situation here. Has this ever been resolved? The “Running Record” page contains no information.

NO! Well actually I’m unsure as I gave up on having a fitness tracker that didn’t track my exercise…

But i can tell you the Fitbit Charge 4 is amazing in comparison, so many more stats and information, integration with Strava with heart rate overlay on your runs, detailed sleep metrics and a very good screen and battery. It’s more money but well worth the investment, it’s just miles past what the band ever was.