App not loading when using cellular data

For the past two days , when I’m using my cellular data on my phone and I open the app I get this message…

Sometimes the app will load but this has happened about 3 times the past 24 hours. I have data and am in a good area of coverage so not sure what’s going on here?

When I connect to WiFi , the app will load.

Anyone else experienced this ?

I have experienced that, however not with a great deal of regularity. I can tell immediately because it fails to load my shortcuts and I just get that one at the top. I usually just close it and relaunch the app. It hasn’t been persistent.

And, if it is related, I am also on T-Mobile’s network.

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It’s happening again rn , I force closed the app and opened it again and am still getting the error code

Do you have VPN software on the phone that needs to allow the App to connect via mobile data?

The no internet connection while on mobile seems to indicate that the phone isn’t getting any mobile data throughput.

Are you on a plan that caps and throttles data?

Nope, no VPN

No, I’m on an unlimited plan. Everything else on my phone loads except the wyze app :confused: