APP Groups & Shortcuts "SHARING"

I’m the account holder and have 2 groups of cameras and 4 SHortcuts created running ANDROID App.

My WIfe is the “Shared” recipient and she is running IOS App.

How can I “SHARE” my Groups & Shortcuts so that they show u on her APP?


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I have the same issue except we both have Android. We’re you every able to resolve this?

They get to create their own groups & shortcuts.

However, if this is a trusted individual living in your household, and you want to truly duplicate your experience, then you can create a “family id” that both of you share.


Yeah, that’s a thought. I might try that. I like how Smartthings and other apps you can set up a house.

We are using the same ID account on multiple Android phones. But, when we got our new WYZE BANDS, we had to set up separate accounts for each Band. This, of course, set in motion a set of problems:

(1) We understand that each account can create their own groups and shortcuts. But, like others in this topic, we not only want to share devices, we ALSO want to have the OPTION to SHARE GROUPS and SHORTCUTS.

(2) Someone (“Newshound”) mentioned maybe having a “FAMILY ID” - - which would be a great idea, so we can each give permission for data to be shared with other(s) in the family.

Does anyone else know if “Smartthings” can handle these problems ??