App Feature Request - Return to last place is Notifications/Alerts stack

So I have 6 cameras and two very active young cats. I am currently adapting them to a new home (rehomed after two years as breeders for a local and conscientious breeder). That is to say, activity on the cameras is very high. I have SD cards in all 6 cameras, but I use the motion detection to give me a time frame to review certain events (broken this, where did they hide, are they eating, are they drinking, etc). I use the cameras for security as well, but only 3 of them are pointed in such a way to provide for that function.

To those ends, I have noticed a glitch in the function of the Notifications area on the app. If I have to scroll down, it is about every twenty notifications that I get a loading icon and then twenty more notifications. Sometimes I get 200+ in a day. That is fine. It’s what I set the cameras to do. The glitch occurs when I go into view a clip and then hit back. If it’s one of the first twenty clips, no problem, the app takes me to (or near) where I left off, but if I was viewing a clip deep in the stack (read chronologically earlier), then it takes me back to the top of the stack and I have to scroll back through.

Admittedly, I could search by camera and minimize some of the frustration, but then it becomes very cumbersome to “follow” the activity from room to room via clips.

Is there any effort being put in to cleaning up the functionality of the alert/clip viewing portion of the app to allow for quicker and less frustrating navigation.

In addition, a feature that allows the user to go to previous or next clip might also be beneficial. The clips already show which camera and the time code, so all the information is there. No need to keep going back to the full stack every time you want to see the next or previous clip.

I agree and have also commented about this. It is very difficult to follow a sequence of events when you have to keep scrolling to find the next video.

In addition to FF, REW, and Pause in the timeline, I really like the idea of adding a button to immediately advance to the next alert event (skip over blank space). I actually requested this feature back on 3/4 (ref. link below). If/when this is added, it would make sense to add a reverse button as as well.

+1 with milehiguy.

+1 with op.