App Feature Request - Disable motion/sound detection during streaming

While I cannot absolutely confirm it, there does appear to be some correlation with streaming videos lagging or outright freezing when motion occurs. I get a notification of motion or sound moments later, but why does it need to happen at all.

Why can’t there be code that disables motion or sound detection when a user is actively streaming. Why would I need further notifications if I am already streaming that video.

I get that if you are sharing a video stream, it might be good to have both simultaneously, but then why not provide the option to disable alerts during streaming. Of course the code would have to enable those same alerts to previous settings when streaming ceased.

Hi pthalodezin,

Which version of the app (iOS / Android) are you on? I’ll try and see whether this situation can be replicated. Then let our engineering team know if that’s really the case. I’ll pass on your feature feedback to the team so they can be aware of this request.



Android. It isn’t a consistent glitch, but I can’t imagine that it is coincidental.

Won’t turning off Motion Detection in Alert Settings accomplish what you seek? Or am I not understanding something?

Not really. What I want is the ability to have motion detection and sound detection on by default, alerting me any time there is motion or sound when the cameras are powered (I have wemo smart outlets and a nest thermostat, which allow me to mimic geofencing), except… I don’t need motion detection when I am actively streaming video from a camera as I would already be looking at the view and could see motion or hear sound.

The clip capture during active streaming is therefore redundant and possibly a draw on resources.