App Feature Request - Batch Delete & Batch Download

It would be nice to have these features.

Batch Download for all alert clips. Since you are already downloading to the album as it is (I am not a fan but if it’s there it would be nice to take full advantage of what that means), those of us with Dropbox or other cloud-based syncing solutions (even local) could quickly deposit all of our clips from a day, an hour, a week, etc to another, easier to use repository versus the one-by-one approach currently provided through the app.

Batch Delete - likely less useful but could be good for cleaning up the stack of alerts for given time frames.

There already is batch delete of sorts. Tap the Edit button, then tap each alert you want to delete, then tap the Delete button at the bottom.

yes, but I guess what would really be nice is to say delete all from time x to time y. Or delete all from camera X during the past two hours. As I said the batch delete idea is less useful than the batch download. That is mostly because of the existence of the current choose which to delete function.