App Experience - Multiple device activation - Cam Plus Trial

When adding new cameras to the application I take advantage of a shortcut, but found that by doing this I miss out on the Cam Plus trial offer and cannot find a way for the trial to be offered again without completely removing the camera from my account. I know this is my own doing, but I suspect your intention is to still offer it.

Here are my steps to reproduce:

  1. Obtain multiple new cameras and power them on
  2. Open the application and go through the add new product menu like normal, except pause when you get the QR code screen
  3. Push the button on all of the cameras you want to add so you hear the “read to connect” prompt
  4. Show each camera the QR code
  5. Continue the setup in the app which prompts you for the device name, then accept the Cam Plus offer
  6. Observe that you were prompted to only name one camera and the Cam Plus trial offer only applied to that single camera
  7. View your list of devices and you will see all of the cameras you added
  8. View the camera, look at services, etc. Observe that there is not a prompt for Cam Plus trial

When you remove the camera from your account and do the setup one camera at a time the Cam Plus trial appears and you can opt-in.

Suggestion: Consider adding a trial offer check in the application where it is not tied to device activation. For example, when you rename the device or when you are on the screen where you can apply licenses for the camera. Alternatively you could consider having the app detect there is a new device added to the account that didn’t go through all of the setup prompts.

I really like the shortcut as it helps when setting up multiple cameras, just doesnt work so well with trial offers.


Very creative way to set up multiple cams! I assume that when you view your new list of devices the cams all have the same name initially?

@tomp correct

Thanks- I like that idea!

What do you think would happen if you decline the offer there? I wonder if it would then appear on your first access of each cam individually?

I dont know, but if I break out more cameras so soon I might be sleeping on the couch for a while.

It seems to me that it would be in Wyze’s best interest to get their foot in the door on as many trials as possible, perhaps the page where you view your services should have an option for eligible trials or special offers. This way there is a place in the app someone can clearly see that there is a carrot being dangled in front of them.

Thanks for this report! I suspect this isn’t super common but I’ll definitely share it with the team. :slight_smile:

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