APP Event recording review only shows last 3 hrs since Cam plus introduced

After I got 4 Cam v3 (and it forced me to select using cam plus), it changed everything. I hope I didn’t get the Cam plus.

Originally I can review the whole week events every hour, now I only can review the latest 3 hours each day. This continue after cam plus expires.

At 5 pm, I only can see event recording (motion) form 2 pm, what a joke!
When I review past few days, every night I can see from 9-12 pm. Purely a joke.

I contacted CS, get on phone and chat help, none of them understand what happened. Indeed, the day Cam plus was expired, I got normal review for 1 day. And then the 3 hr review window continue.

Anyone has the same issue? I changed phone, changed account, reset camera, but it’s still the same.

Why am I the first one finding such obvious thing?

Welcome to the forums! Is it the last 20 events that you can see each day? Scroll to the bottom of the event list, then try and scroll farther like you would if you were to refresh a page in your phone. More will populate. Does more show for you now? If you don’t want the camplus trials on those anymore, go into services in the app and remove those cameras from the trial, they will return to the free 12 sec/5 min cool down.