App Dark Theme/Mode

Well on that note… Which others have you guys found to be comparable price and usability but with dark mode? As I mentioned before, blink is pretty good, but a few things have kept me from going all in.

Ring Is great and of course, they have Dark Mode figured out. My Family uses Ring for all the cameras around the House and property. It’s not just a doorbell Camara.

Ring Flood works great also.

I need to read up more on their sidewalk surveillance network.

Yeah I have nothing to hide but why invite big brother into my home. :thinking:

I’ve been considering and doing initial research on moving all my Wyze device to home assistant.

I’d have to trans-over to apple? Unless I missed a news release. I have heard good things abot home assistant.

I have all of my cameras, Wyze and others, running Docker-Wyze-Bridge in Home Assistant on a Raspberry-Pi.


No Apples required. :grin:


Do you have or know of good tutorials or setup guides for this?

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No, I don’t.
If you have questions ask though.

In the same vein…


Force dark mode messes up many apps for me. Tha k you WYZE, they are well aware I upgraded my phone just to get the version of Android which supported dark mode in the Developer toolset.

I found out the hard way it was pointless.

I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my email client and web browser for their lack of follow through with the promise of app V3 having a native Dark Mode option.

Regardless they sure tricked me into buying a half a dozen more cameras, a new scale, a car vacuum cleaner that sucks, literally, and a smart watch which had it’s charging contancts explode (well documented and removed from sale).

It ceases to amaze me. They can keep adding more modules in the old software. But they can’t just come up with a new version to solve all the problems, Which extends well beyond dark mode.


I hear ya, and I use a limited number of apps so, while annoying, my pain is likely significantly less. Force dark for me is about 20-30% annoying. So, not great, but better. :slight_smile:

I figure Wyze must have a customer data-fed algorithm advising them which features to develop and in what order to best serve their mid-term (?) bottom line. Can any of these fluxy-tech companies plan any longer than mid-term these days? Things change too dam fast.

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I would love to get a dark mode on this app. Every app and my phone included are all set to a dark mode. Sooooo… when i open my wyze app its like getting blasted in the face with a mag light. Omg are they still around show your age… nvm about that tho i need a dark mode please and thank you :pray: :weary: :sleepy: :sob: :sneezing_face:


The ‘police special’ with three D batteries still makes a good truncheon. Let them laugh. :wink:

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Give it up folks…the Devs and Wyze executives don’t care about dark mode. It’s a volume game for them…pump out as many products as possible and repurpose old code in the app as much as they can…had they built it right from the begining this wouldnt be an issue…this is what we get when we buy 30$ cams


Five weeks since this commitment. I’m patient, I’ll give them two more months… :slight_smile:


@DevTeam - add the line below.

Set DarkMode=1;

Great, this is awesome to see that Wyze is working on integrating dark mode! Can’t wait

I’d also ask Wyze to PLEASE add the back swipe gesture on the IOS app. This feature alone could definitely improve the app, I’ll go out on a limb and say I’d prefer to see the back swipe gesture added to the wyze IOS app then dark mode. That’s how much I and I’m sure many other IPhone users would definitely appreciate.

I HATE doing finger gymnastics when using the wyze IOS app to go back to the previous screen.

Android users get the much better app experience, forced dark mode and back swipe gesture. Still won’t switch :joy: but it definitely must be nice to have those two features!

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Wait, where did you read that Wyze is working on dark mode??? From where I’m sitting, they haven’t done anything with dark mode in 5+ years haha…

Also, as an android user, you’re over hyping the ‘force dark’ method. I can only force dark on the whole system, not individual apps.

And I have no swipe navigation in the Wyze app…

Wyze is short-staffed.

They need to higher taller people.