App Dark Theme/Mode

Looks like another case of white atomic screen brightness explosion. :rofl:




Ok all you in dire need of DARK MODE - I sent the following email to support as a reply to a polite request to have them intervene. Please adapt your own version and do the same!

Matthew (at customer service) thank for the feedback, but I have posted this request at the wishlist - We have a HUGE long running request for what should be a simple interface programming mod. You should do a search…

I used to code, it’s really not too much work to call a background color and a change in font color.

But so far, nothing, that’s why I’m reaching out to you on behalf of MANY frustrated Wyze fans. I just convinced my neighbor to dump his Logitechs after showing him my cameras, (I have 7 so far, 3 more in planning).

He hesitated when he saw my white background with pale teal text.

This interface is HORRIBLE at night when checking an alert while being awakened from sleep.

Please intervene, WE IN THE FORUM BEG OF YOU.

Thank you,



For those of us with various kinds of color vision deficits, this is very important! My eyes are overly sensitive to bright light, and the low contrast between the white text and the light background makes it virtually impossible for me to read the menus.


I would like to have the background of the present app be placed in a dark mode so that it would be a lot easier to see.

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Hello, would it be possible to have a night time setting for the app? When I get motion notifications in the middle of the night, it hurts my eyes to open the app, because of the white background. Also, when I am looking at the cameras on my phone, through “landscape” mode, (phone sideways) can we switch cameras by swiping, instead of having to go back to the main menu? Thanks!


Please make the iOS app honor night mode when it is enabled system-wide. The app is painfaulky white when viewed in the middle of the night, making it hard to check cameras tobeee what went bump in the night.


Perfect!.. But I don’t know if they will ever answer… :confused:

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Searched for this topic to vote after I blinded myself last night.


Why is this still only in researching? It’s long past over due, closing considering many people want to view their cameras in the night.


I agree it is INSANE that something as basic as a switchable change of color scheme is ignored as long as this. I am losing faith. I don’t need new products, I need the ones purchased to be more USEFUL in the intent of what they were purchased for, VIEWING VIDEOS UNDER A VARIETY OF CONDITIONS.
12 hours of the day is NIGHT and a dark mode or switchable scheme is needed for those of us affected.


Needs black theme


I will be making this retroactively mandatory when I come to power, so you might want to get on this while you still can there Wyze…

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Perhaps a class action lawsuit for eye strain and loss of sleep would get Swayze’s attention.


Can lost sleep be retroactive?.. hmmm…

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Ok, I keep getting marketing emails, new products whoopee.
It means someone is cooking up new software

So please tell me oh wyze ones, why cant we just get a switchable dark mode???
If you took care of this LITTLE request half the planet wants, maybe just maybe I’d find my way deeper in to your hardware eco $y$tem.

As of now, I hesitate to purchase even another camera.

I want what my fellowWyzemen and women want A DARK MODE.


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yessss i second this idea for a dark mode

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Make sure you vote at the top of the thread to help this wish along! :slight_smile:

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I’m seconding that for obvious reasons.

Just because the main app background is light green doesn’t make it OK for fonts. One wonders if it’s some sort of bleed-through color vs, an actual font color. That’s how light it looks in my Android app. Black or dark green would be ideal.