App credentials lost if network unavailable

Noticed some odd behavior in the production iPhone app. If you are connected via a network that doesn’t have the correct ports open, the app times out with no error messaging and clears your stored password. It’s not a huge inconvenience, but losing your “strong” password every time you are on a cafe or corporate wifi isn’t ideal.

Were you logged out or did you have to launch the app after using it for more than a week? Trying to understand the scenario when you’ve been requested to enter the password again

I actively use the app and have no issues with it remembering my password. However when I arrive at work, since there network does not have a firewall ruleset that allows the app to communicate correctly the app times out and erases my stored password. It would be nice if the password was still stored and a message about network connectivity was displayed instead.

I should mention that I’m on a work managed device with Apple Keychain disabled so other users might have more password storage options that I’m not aware of.