App crashing when loading alert videos - Android App. V1.2.32, Firmware

Last couple days I’ve been having a periodic problem where I’ll enter the app and select an item from Notifications and try to play it. The “downloading clip” text appears but the play button and the frame that the video will appear in are cut in half. After a few seconds the app crashes. On reload it crashes again right away. On the third attempt it will load at the Wyze splash screen (not the login), then everything will work normally.

Tried sending an error log through the app but it crashed too. I’ll try to catch it with a screen shot next time.

Update - didn’t crash this morning but was displaying the half screen situation noted above. See the attached screen shot. This time I could see the time bar elapsing but nothing was displaying. Discovered that if I tilt the phone to landscape mode it will appear. When I tilt back to portrait mode it’s still blank though.

Having the same problem, intermittently. This morning it’s working fine. Wonder if its the beta or cloud problem. Is anyone using the release (not beta) version seeing this?