Anyone seeing this on camera preview?

This happens on each camera periodically. It goes away after 5 to 10 seconds. Annoying.

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Yes. Not sure what’s going on. Seems to go away quickly soon as you had stated. Add it to the list of problems that will never be acknowledged or addressed.

I have never seen this happen on any of my 3 cam v2.

Give it time. You will.

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Yes, I’ve seen it. And it’s only started happening recently. I’d suggest submitting a support ticket. It’s certainly happening to "everyone,’ but most will never notice because it only occurs “randomly” when closely monitoring the camera and because I suspect it only occurs when using night mode in the daylight because it appears to be a sensitivity artifact of adjusting to varying light conditions. So I don’t know if it’ll ever be truly fixed because it’s easier to just alert that it’s a temporary artifact and so on.

yea, only been happening recently so hopefully it’ll go away in another update or two.